Hello, and welcome to IVAO Kuwai! This interactive document will explain the steps
required to get started as a controller here in the division. Below is a flow chart on how to get started, you can click on each box to open the relevant page.


If you have registered and not yet controlled on IVAO you are ATC Rating AS1, this will show as one silver star on your profile.
FRAs determine which positions certain ATC Ratings may control. As an AS1 controller you are able to start controlling the ground positions at Kuwait Int. Airport.


We recommend that you get started at Kuwait Int. Airport. This is because it usually has the most traffic across the division and starting there will assist with your progression to an ADC Rated Controller.


There are two IVAO Approved ATC Clients which you may use to connect to the IVAO Network. These are IvAc 1 and IvAc 2.
More information on how to connect with each software package can be found here for

Now that you have completed all of the above steps you are now ready to control on the IVAO Network!


Discord is the divisions communication platform. You can join and socialise in the IVAO Community, undertake training and coordinate with other controllers. There is also a channel for directing queries to the staff. To join the Discord server, follow this link


In addition to our Discord server we also have a forum. Here we post all sorts of important announcements
relating to your IVAO experience. You can access the forum here.

Your forum username and password is your VID and website password.

We recommend that you check the forum regularly as it frequently contains important updates concerning controlling on IVAO!


If you need any more help with the contents of this document or its links then you are invited to contact us using the below button:

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