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Welcome to the KW Division

The membership Team are here to assist members as much as possible and help with any questions and queries you may have. If you are relatively new to online flying you may find some of our training videos useful which have been made to help you get to grips with flying and Air Traffic Control.


How to get going with Training

Controlling on IVAO we understand can be a daunting experience for any new member, but we hope the guides we provide will help you understand the ratings and how to progress on the network. Discord is also great for new members wanting some advice from other members.



Hello from Events!

Hello, here in the events department we are dedicated to providing you with the best events and tours around. We also host weekly online nights so look out for those on the forum! We hope you will join us at our events and online nights and hope you enjoy our tours!



Getting Started


KW Division Guide to getting started as a controller


KW Division Guide to getting started as a pilot

Network Software


IVAO Virtual ATC Client


IVAO Virtual Pilot Client


IVAO X-Plane Pilot Client

Standard Operation Procedure Handbook


Clearance Delivery Handbook


Ground Handbook


Tower Handbook

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